We exist to help businesses grow by unleashing the God-given potential of individuals.

In 2005 I attended the Gathering of Catholic Men in Pittsburgh. One of the speakers, Matthew Kelly, a charismatic Australian and accomplished author, gave an impassioned talk to the gathered men. In his talk he said, “great books can change your life.” Later that day I purchased one of the books Kelly had authored and had available for sale, The Rhythm of Life. It must have been a great book because it changed my life.

The premise of the book is that God’s dream for each of us is that we would become the best version of ourselves. This concept has dominated my thinking on parenting, leadership, and talent development ever since.

Grapes do not grow alone.

We believe this idea is best illustrated by considering the grape, the ‘Queen of Fruits.’ A grape comes in many varieties, colors, tastes, and from many regions. Grapes require a great deal of nurturing and care to grow and flourish. Grapes do not grow alone, rather, they grow in a bunch connected to those around them.

A grape can be enjoyed as a fruit for a snack (I enjoy cold, red seedless grapes best). Grapes can also be aged and develop into a raisin, lovingly referred to as ‘Natures Candy’ by a mother at my child’s pre-school. Crushing the fruit allows one to produce grape juice, best enjoyed as part of transfusion following a round of golf.

The highest and best version of the grape, however, is as a lovely red wine. Red wine is typically enjoyed with fabulous food, family, and friends. It is this version of the grape that brings others together to enjoy each other and enjoy life. It is for this that I believe God gave us grapes – to unite us with each other and to allow us to experience great love.

Becoming the ‘best version’ of yourself.

We are also called to discover the ‘best version’ of ourselves and embrace our gifting. We believe that helping others become the best versions of themselves is our Firm’s mission.  We do this by positioning people for success by helping them discover their gifts and connecting them to opportunities and results.  We are people focused and results driven.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss this belief with us – especially if you would like to hold the conversation over a nice bottle of 2012 Brunello.

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