Stop using your gut and instincts to hire the wrong people!

At the Talerico Group, we believe “sales professionals make a career out of making people love them one hour at a time,” but when your team isn’t feeling the love, it will cost your organization time and money…. and lots of it!

So how are we helping our clients make better hiring decisions and putting that money back in their pockets? 

 It’s simple….by taking advantage of 30+ years of science – not our hunches, not our instincts, and not our intuition.

 We conduct a sales-specific assessment that will produce a recommendation for hire for each candidate with unmatched predictability. We measure 21 sales-specific core competencies that are nearly impossible to acquire via a formal job interview.

 Some of these core competencies include:

  • A candidate’s desire and commitment to achieve sales success.
  • A candidate’s likelihood to take responsibility for sales outcomes.
  • A candidate’s outlook or attitude. 

Stop using your gut, intuition, and hunches to hire the wrong people! Get it right the first time, every time!  

Please contact us for more information, and feel free to take our free assessment located on the right of this page.

Predictive Candidate Assessment

This is a free trial of the only sales specific predictive assessment in the world. If you are hiring a new sales person and are interested in learning if your candidate possesses the necessary skills and potential to be successful we suggest you try this assessment to understand more about your candidate.

After your candidate completes the assessment you will receive a copy of the report and we will be available to explain the findings and help you understand how to use the information during the interview process.

Sales Ghost Calculator

It costs a lot money to hire and train salespeople, only to have them leave. We continue to be affected by the salespeople of years past; those who once walked our halls, have left, and whose actions continue to haunt us and cost us dearly. How much have your ghosts cost your company?

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