EASEE Selling – Core Beliefs

The EASEE Selling process is a trusted and tried sales method that we’ve used to help companies of all sizes achieve consistent, predictable sales results. Here are some of the core beliefs to understand before diving into the 5 Steps of EASEE Selling:

  • Sales is something we do for people, not to people.

  • Discovery fuels the process. A good salesperson must live in discovery.

  • Clear Next Steps move sales people through their process with the greatest speed. Clear next steps must appear on two people’s calendars.

Sales Process Grader

We believe the single greatest predictor of an organizations sales success is how well the sales team adheres to a sales process. Having a process that is consistently followed and engineered for the needed outcomes is foundational to your organizations success. Take a few moments to complete this evaluation on our partner site and learn if your company’s sales process is built for success. 

Our process is designed to make selling EASEE

Step 1: Engage

The Engage Phase deals with how we will meet with our prospects and clients.

Step 2: Assess

Assess is a two-way stage – the prospect is assessing us and our capabilities and we are assessing the prospect and their needs.

Step 3: Solve

The Solve Phase defines how we will manage the delivery of the solution to the prospect. When the sales process is executed well the solution has been mutually crafted between the salesperson and the prospect and there are no surprises. 

Step 4: Execute

The Execute Phase is the most critical component of the process in that it is how we get paper signed on time and within the forecast.

Step 5: Evaluate

Evaluate is the phase that is most overlooked and most often missing in any sales process. It is in the Evaluate Phase that we are ensuring that we are sticky and needed in the future. This is where we take an honest look in the mirror to understand if we are delivering!

When done right we will be establishing the needed relationship and value for future growth and expansion in the account. We may even earn a referral…

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