We identify great talent.

Are your people investing too much time with the wrong candidates and identifying the right candidates.

Would you like to be more efficient in your process?

Are you consistently hiring winners are you too often invest in the wrong people?

What we do:

We are not your typical recruiters or ‘headhunters’ focused only on throwing resumes over the fence for you to review. We will become your partner and help you identify true winners who are a fit for your culture and your role. Our goal is to protect you from all of the pretenders and only bring you those who we are confident you should hire – not just interview. Call us to discuss the important hires you will need to make over the next year.

Candidates we screened that never made it to the client
High performing sales reps in 5 months

How can the experience of just this one client’s increase in efficiency and process help your team be more successful?

Our client was able to bring on 6 high performing reps across 5 territories all while investing a total 16 hours of their Leadership Teams time.

“I have worked with many recruiters over my career. The team at the Talerico Group was the most professional, caring, and responsive. They cared about me as a person and conducted thorough interviews to make sure I was a good fit for the hiring company and that the company was a good fit for me. Their approach was very refreshing…”
for senior sales role

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